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About Us

Hello!! I'm Illyce, and I am the owner of Kiddoodles, (not just for kids anymore!) I’m a wife and mother to two beautiful children and one fur baby. This is career number three for me after being a Paralegal and an elementary school teacher for many years. Back in 2012, I realized that I needed to leave the teaching profession because my daughter’s figure skating career blossomed. I could no longer hold a normal day job as she was on the ice before school and after school every day, and we traveled extensively to competitions. I decided to open up a tween company to cater to the figure skaters and local families throughout South Florida. I participated in school boutique fundraisers as well as synagogues and churches for their holiday bazaars. I loved dressing all of the beautiful girls in adorable trendy clothes and seeing their gorgeous faces light up when they chose their new best outfit, novelty item, and/or great accessory. So, my love for children carried through to my becoming a tween retailer. 

Then in the middle of March 2020, the unthinkable happened. Our country and the whole world shut down due to COVID-19. I immediately realized I needed to pivot. With all of the retail stores shut down, I decided to expand into women’s loungewear. Let’s face it, we were all home, and we needed to feel pretty, look pretty, and now BE COMFORTABLE!! I spent weeks pouring over pictures of merchandise from countless vendors from the Los Angeles design district so that I could begin selling women’s loungewear. Throughout the past eight months I have expanded even further to bring women more than just loungewear. I continue to search for amazing HIGH QUALITY lines to fit the needs of ALL of my customers, WOMEN, JUNIORS, AND my TWEEN GIRLS! I am always searching for more...LOL! 


Most of my customers over the past 8 years know me personally and my reputation. Providing EXCELLENT quality service and a quality product means everything to me, and I love helping my customers find exactly what they’re looking for. I now ship all over the U.S. and I have FaceTime appointments as well so you can really see the merchandise! 


You can always reach me at 305-205-0088 or I’ve met some really fantastic Moms and kids, and I love when they send me pictures of their daughters modeling an outfit! My Instagram and Facebook accounts love them too, so be sure to follow me on Instagram @Kiddoodles_inc and on Facebook at Kiddoodles, Inc. Stay safe and be well!! 

~ Illyce 

November, 2020

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